Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced oil recoveryá(EOR) is the implementation of various techniques for increasing the amount ofácrude oiláthat can be extracted from anáoil field. According to the US Department of Energy, there are three primary techniques for EOR: thermal recovery, gas injection, and chemical injection.áUsing EOR, 30 to 60 percent, or more, of the reservoir's original oil can be extracted.


The steam flooding technique

In this approach, various methods are used to heat the crude oil in the formation to reduce its viscosity and/or vaporize part of the oil and thus decrease the mobility ratio. The increased heat reduces the surface tension and increases the permeability of the oil. The heated oil may also vaporize and then condense forming improved oil. Methods includeácyclic steam injection,ásteam floodingáand combustion. These methods improve the sweep efficiency and the displacement efficiency.á

Solar EORáis a form of steam flooding that usesásolar arraysáto concentrate the sun’s energy to heat water and generate steam. Solar EOR is proving to be a viable alternative to gas-fired steam production for theáoil industry.

Ultra Lite would be ideal for heat injection into think oil deposits, reducing its viscosity and enhancing extraction at reduced cost.

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