Solar District Heating & Solar Absorption Cooling

District solar heating and cooling is a primeáapplicationáfor the Ultra Lite solar concentrator.

District Heating and Cooling

In this application, the operating temperature normally fed to a district (Central Distribution Hub as pictured above) is about 75C with a return temperature of about 50C.

Most flat panel absorbers may be able toáachieveá80 C at solar noon, but this is insufficient for storing up to 100 C for water storage or up to 250 C for earth based storage. A much higher storage temperature is required to allow for temperature drop throughout the night and still have a consistent delivered temperature.á

The higher temperature generated with Ultra Lite compared to flat panels absorbers facilitate absorption cooling for hot summer months.

Ultra Lite can be used in centralized heating and cooling systems. This has multiple benefits. The home or business no longer requires a heating or cooling system saving money on infrastructure. A chimney is no longer required to exhaust toxic combustion fumes. Makeup-air is no longer required to support internal combustion within a building, saving more energy. All of these factors result in lower construction costs for the consumer.

Solar District Heating House

Ultra Lite is even more economical than in our CSP application since we do not need to use the more expensive vacuum linear receiver tubes because the operating temperature is much lower. We will manufacture an economical receiver for this application.

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