Global Power

Global energy consumption is projected to double from 15 Trillion Watts (TW) today to about 30 trillion watts by 2050.

When we examine the options available to humanity to fill this growing energy requirement here is what we have:

Outlook to 2050

Not including Coal or Solar, these energy sources can only provide 5 TW out of the 15 TW humanity will need by 2050.

Solar bombards the Earth with 8,000 times more energy than all of the requirements of humanity. áIt is a very abundant, renewable and clean source of energy.

The problems with renewable energy such as Solar and Wind is its intermittency. áThe sun does not always shine and the wind does not always blow. áA backup using fossil fuel based energy is usually required. áThis marginalizes the contribution that these forms of renewable energy provide.

The following table shows the current energy mix:

Energy Mix

The only way to dramatically reduce fossil fuels is to use solar energy. áIt is possible to put a significant dent into fossiláconsumptionáby using the CSP Ultra Lite Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) with efficient thermal energy storage. áThis would be most useful in areas with good solar conditions such as the American Southwest, the Middle East,áAustraliaáand other regions. áThis technology could reduce fossil fuels for power generation in these regions by about 80%.á

When we look at the energy mix for the future, we will have no option but to adopt solar on a massive scale. á24/7 power is an absolute necessity. áCSP Ultra Lite Solar offers a solution to make a significant contribution to our future energy mix with a clean renewable energy source that isáavailable nearly 100% of the time for many locations on Earth.

Our low cost breakthrough makes it possible to start deploying this technology today.


Source: German AdvisoryáCounciláon Global Change

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