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The are several advantages to Ultra Lite Solar power:

  1. The big advantage of course is the much lower cost of solar collection.
  2. 24/7 base-load solar plants do not require backup power plants, eliminating duplication in infrastructure and costs.
  3. Reduction in fossil fuel use by about 80% more or less depending on solar conditions in various geographic locations.
  4. No marginal contributions from renewables such as exist with current wind and solar technologies.
  5. Dramatic reduction (80% +/-) in green house gas emissions and other pollution from the reduced reliance on fossil fuels.
  6. Dramatic improvement in air quality and in human health.
  7. Significant reduction or elimination of imported fossil fuels, reducing the tradeádeficitáand reliance on other nations for our energy supply.
  8. Significant reduction or elimination of defence costs related to securing foreign fossil fuels.
  9. The creation of an industry that will create a large number of jobs and improve the economy.
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