CSP Ultra Lite Trough and Point Focus Applications

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Solar Desalination

Process Heating and Solar Fuels

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Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery

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Ultra Lite Solar Concentrators

Ultra Lite 1á

Our Ultra Lite 1 trough uses air pressure to hold the primary mirror film reflector. This system reduces manufacturing costs. Solar troughs typically acheive up to 400 C temperatures.á

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Video of Ultra Lite 3D rendering

Ultra Lite 3

Our Ultra Lite 3 trough design does not use an air envelope, but a mirrored film adheared to an aluminum sheet that is held in a parabolic shape by a super-structure. A low-cost, low-temprerature (up to 200C) linear receiver replaces the much more expensive "evacuated tube linear receivers" for process heating and ORC power generation applications.

Following is an illustration of a CSP power plant using parabolic trough solar concentrators. (Courtesy engineering.com)


Following is a video of how CSP works. (Courtesy US Department of Energy

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